Article by Darrell Butler

CCORDING TO MR. WILLIAM GANONG, the collection donor, this is one of two pieces of calligraphy by George Bragg (1783-1859) in the Mary and Walter Ganong Collection at Kings Landing, New Brunswick. It centres on ‘The Eye of the Lord’ in the upper left-hand corner looking down upon the Ten Commandments in the centre, framed by ‘Benevolence,’ ‘Sincerity,’ ‘Justice,’ and ‘Gratitude.’

In the upper right-hand corner, it advocates ‘Temperance’ and ‘Emulation,’ and in the lower left-hand corner, ‘Contentment’ and ‘Justice.’

In the lower right-hand corner it has a verse from the Bible, ‘In a moment, in the Twinkling of an eye, We Shall Be Changed,’ and notes his wife Jane Bragg and the remains of an infant son who died. Bragg drew this section with the figure of a lady or angel raised up, making it difficult to read clearly but it appears to be dated 1816.

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Darrell Butler is the Manager, Heritage Resources, Material Historian & Chief Curator, at Kings Landing Corporation, in New Brunswick.

George Bragg
W: 55.8 cm; H: 57.1 cm
Gilt and ink on rag paper stretched on 4.4 cm wooden stretchers.

Photograph: Rhona Hoyt, Exhibit Coordinator, Kings Landing, New Brunswick