Spotlight on the Collection: A Flowering Passion for Porcelain – George and Helen Gardiner

Article by Rachel Gotlieb

OLLECTORS ARE MOTIVATED to collect for myriad reasons that often overlap: for personal pleasure, scholarship and edification, preservation and prosperity, and for financial investment. George and Helen Gardiner, the founders of the Gardiner Museum of Ceramic Art in Toronto, which opened thirty years ago on March 6, 1984, collected for all these reasons and …

Full of Beans and History: The Medalta Bean Pot

Bean Pot

Article by Judy Donnelly

istorians have observed that pottery is one of humankind’s oldest manifestations of graphic design. Strong, beautiful, often simple lines and shapes, painted and carved onto pots of all types, have for thousands of years told stories, denoted tribal allegiances and religious beliefs, and communicated ideas, transforming useful vessels into beautiful objects, often with a …