Article by Tatum Taylor
Building Fragments on the Bluffs

T THE EDGE OF THE SCARBOROUGH BLUFFS, where Toronto meets Lake Ontario, remnants of the city’s past rest in peace. The grounds of Guild Park, a former estate and artists’ community, are scattered with fragments of local buildings that were demolished between the 1950s and 1970s. On the lawns, Corinthian


Article by John Leroux
Building Fragments on the Bluffs

ETWEEN 1841 AND 1859, Herbert Minton of Stoke-Upon-Trent, England, presented vast amounts of beautiful inlaid ceramic floor and wall tiles to more than one hundred churches throughout England, establishing one of the most glorious and permanent architectural expressions of an individual’s faith and generosity. He was a devout Anglican and

Collecting TREEN

Article by John Adams

ANY PEOPLE HAVE NEVER HEARD the word treen. It is derived from an old English word that simply translates as ‘made of wood.’ Treen consists as a category of mainly domestic objects such as plates, bowls, cups, goblets, pepper mills, boxes, and the like, most often turned and shaped on a lathe, occasionally jointed. …

Spotlight on the Collection: A Flowering Passion for Porcelain – George and Helen Gardiner

Article by Rachel Gotlieb

OLLECTORS ARE MOTIVATED to collect for myriad reasons that often overlap: for personal pleasure, scholarship and edification, preservation and prosperity, and for financial investment. George and Helen Gardiner, the founders of the Gardiner Museum of Ceramic Art in Toronto, which opened thirty years ago on March 6, 1984, collected for all these reasons and …