Advertising in Ornamentum

Published twice a year, Ornamentum is the only magazine devoted to exploring the large spectrum of decorative arts in Canada. Ornamentum provides a critical forum for discussion of the aesthetics and meanings of objects in terms of historic precedent, tradition and innovation. Written for a broad readership and extensively illustrated, Ornamentum celebrates material culture in all its forms and expressions.

The Spring/Summer issue is published in May.
The Fall/Winter issue is published in November.

Editorial Enquiry & Advertising Correspondence

Unsolicited manuscripts will be considered for publication. We publish in French and English.
Articles submitted will be published in the language in which they are written.

For a copy of our submissions guidelines please contact:

Please send manuscripts, discs, photos and other editorial and advertising matter to:
The Editors
Box 235 Station Q
Toronto, Ontario
M4T 2M1

Advertising Rates:
Back cover: $500.00
Inside back cover: $475.00
Inside front cover: $475.00
Full page: $350.00
Half page: $250.00
Quarter page: $150.00
Business Card: $100.00

Advertising Specifications:

Back cover: 8.5”w x 11”h (9”w x 11.5”h including bleed)
Inside back cover: 8.5w x 11”h (9”w x 11.5”h including bleed)
Inside front cover: 9”w x 11.5”h (including bleed)
Full page inside: 6.7”w x 9.25”h
Half page: 6.7”w x 4.5625”h (horizontal)
Quarter page: 3.2875”w x 4.5625”h (vertical)
Business card: 3.25”w x 2.175”h (horizontal)

To book advertising space, or for more information about advertising in Ornamentum, email