Published twice a year, Ornamentum is the only magazine that covers the huge spectrum of Decorative Arts in Canada.


Decorative Arts in Canada/Les arts décoratifs au Canada

Ornamentum defines decorative arts as creative work, frequently of a practical or useful nature, produced by an artist, craftsman, or amateur, which has intrinsic aesthetic and/or historical value. These arts include interior design, furniture and furnishings, ceramics, glass, metalwork, graphics, textiles, theatre arts, aspects of architecture, industrial and landscape design.

Financial support for CSDA/CCAD publications has been provided by the Canada Council for the Arts which last year invested $20.1 million in writing and publishing throughout Canada; the Ontario Arts Council; the Macdonald Stewart Foundation and the McLean Foundation.

Les publications du CSDA/CCAD ont été réalisées grâce à l’appui du Conseil des Arts du Canada, qui a investi 20.1 millions de dollars l’an dernier dans les letters et l’édition à travers le Canada; Le Conseil des arts de l’Ontario; la Fondation Macdonald Stewart et la Fondation McLean.

Publisher: Harriet Bunting Weld
Editor: John Fleming
Managing and Associate Editor: Lorraine Johnson
Editorial Assistant: Lindsay Rose-McLean
Circulation: Martha Wilder
Art direction and design: Adams + Associates Design Consultants Inc.
Pre-press and printing: The Lowe-Martin Group

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