art deco design in Canada

Article by Ornamentum

orth American Art Deco found its sources largely in European models but it took on its own distinctive forms as it evolved in parallel with technological advances in the United States and Canada. While American designers and companies were quick to produce and promote modernism in its many variations, Canada’s much smaller population and less …

deco in the detail

The Aldred Building

Article by Paul G. Russell

he complex background of forces that lies behind what came to be called Art Deco retrospectively in 1966 is an amalgam of political movements, competing aesthetic theories, painterly avant-gardism and interest in exotic and ancient sources of inspiration. All this led to a major shift in architecture, as in the arts generally, away …

style graphique, style de vie

Montreal Motor Show

Article by Marc H. Choko

a plupart des grandes villes canadiennes comptent quelques beaux exemples de bâtiments art déco. L’édifice Aldred, le Pavillon central de l’Université de Montréal, ou le Jardin botanique à Montréal, l’hôtel Royal York, le Canada Permanent Building ou le Toronto Stock Exchange à Toronto, le Marine Building à Vancouver, et le Federal Building à …

Stepping on a skyscraper

Scale for the International Ticket Scale Corporation

Article by David A. Hanks

oseph Claude Sinel (1889-1975) was among the earliest in the emerging profession of industrial design in North America, along with more familiar figures such as Raymond Loewy, Donald Deskey and Henry Dreyfuss. Sinel immigrated to San Francisco from Auckland, New Zealand in 1918. He had received training in calligraphy and typography in Britain …

Lyle and the moderne

John M. T-Square

Article by Glenn McArthur

ohn M. Lyle was one of the pre-eminent architects of the first half of the twentieth century in Canada. He was acknowledged by his peers as a leading architectural spokesperson, one who worked tirelessly to raise the profile of the profession through his teaching, writing, curating and lecturing. Moving to Toronto from New York …