Natural History on Display: Victorian Insect Art

Article by Suzanne Moase

N 1831, THOMAS BARNETT opened his museum of curiosities and natural history to the viewing public in Niagara Falls. The Niagara Falls Museum, considered to be Canada’s oldest museum, was one of the first substantial buildings along the road that faces Niagara Falls. A guidebook printed in 1835 declared that the museum rooms were …

A Passage Through Time And Space: The Hall in Victorian Row-house Architecture

Ground-floor hall of Mackenzie House Museum in Toronto

Article by Lindsay Rose-McLean


s a gateway into the home, the front hall serves to convey an important first impression of wealth, status, and aesthetic taste. Nowhere more consciously constructed was this
impression than in typical row-house architecture of the mid-Victorian period. Also referred to as town-house, or terrace architecture, row housing was a popular solution of the …