The Colours of Nature: Dye Plants and Design

Article by Thea Haines and Rachel MacHenry
Photographs by Thea Haines

PPLYING DECORATIVE COLOUR obtained from natural sources—plants, insects and minerals—is an ancient practice, with evidence of natural colourants being found in textile fragments from as early as 2500 BC. The practice of dyeing and mordanting cloth was recorded by Pliny and Herodotus. …

print in context

Berries print

Article by Chloë Catán

orking from her studio in Toronto, Canadian textile designer Virginia Johnson has built a hugely successful brand of colourful prints on clothing, shawls, home furnishings and children’s wear. Founded in 2001, the collection is now carried in stores all over the world such as Barneys, Holt Renfrew and Liberty’s. After attending Parsons School of …

Textile Artists Embrace a Cultural Icon

Small Block Hook

Article by Gloria Hickey

he hooked rug is a cultural icon in Newfoundland and Labrador. Traditionally made from recycled rags and burlap from food sacks they introduced colour and warmth to outport kitchens and parlors. Over generations, hooked rugs have come to represent the outport woman’s ingenuity and perseverance amid harsh economic circumstances and a climate to match. …