Deux Terroirs – Don Beaubier’s Autobiography in Silver & Gems

Don Beaubier

Article by Gloria Hickey

magine you are flying into the Auvergne region of Central France. Out of your plane window you can see the ancient volcanoes and farm fields outside of the town of Pionsat. It is an ancient landscape that today retains simultaneously its original organic shapes and the traces of human land use since medieval times. …

Ross Morrow’s Interactive Works In Silver

Ponticelli di Luce

Article by Ornamentvm

n the following pages, Ornamentvm converses with Canadian silversmith Ross Morrow, whose work combines meticulous traditional techniques of metalsmithing with innovative and whimsical design. Classically trained in Ireland, he has won several awards, including “Best Hollowware” (2002) and “Best Design” (2000) from the Metal Arts Guild. Ross teaches silversmithing at George Brown College.…

Exploding Rings: The Work of Greg Sims

Wire Frame Diamond Ring

Article by Jean Johnson, C.M.

“The diamond ring has become one of the most powerful, sought after and recognized symbols in contemporary culture. It has come to define individuals and relationships, measuring and indicating the extent of one’s love, commitment, status, power and/or wealth. By presenting this familiar object in a new light, my work explores and questions the