A Wonderful Syncretion: A Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) Beaded Orange Lodge Crown

Mohawk Headdress

Article by Christina Bates

igures 1 and 2 show a headdress in the shape of a royal crown, decorated with Orange Order symbols executed in Iroquois raised beadwork. A remarkable syncretic object, its form and decoration express both Aboriginal and European ethos. The crown was found in a dilapidated state in the Folk Culture collection at the Canadian …

A Canadian Cigar Box Sampler

Cigar Box

Article by Sheldon Posen

n 1893, six men from Zorra Township in south-western Ontario, veterans of the region’s famed Highland Games, beat all comers at the Chicago World’s Fair and went home with the cup. In proud commemoration, the local Woodstock Cigar Manufacturing Company created a new brand, The Tug. They packed the cigars in boxes with a …

PRIVATE PASSION PUBLIC PURPOSE: The John and Heather Harbinson Collection

John Doan's desk

he Canadian Museum of Civilization recently acquired the John and Heather Harbinson Collection of Canadian historical furniture and related items. This was perhaps the most complete and best documented collection of its kind in private hands. The editors of Ornamentvm thought our readers would be interested in learning about this acquisition from both John Harbinson as collector and David …