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Large Crown Jar

Article by Michael J. Prokopow

ondering the changing relationship between art and commerce, Andy Warhol, the onetime window-dresser turned artist, filmmaker, society fixture and rapacious yet discerning collector, offered the insightful opinion that one day in the not too distant future, “all museums will be department stores and all department stores will be museums.” Typical of Warhol’s cynical …

THE DENE IN EDINBURGH: Dè T’a Hoti Ts’eeda / We Live Securely by the Land

Article by Clare-Estelle Daitch and Thomas D. Andrews

I hadn’t seen one like this until I went to Scotland. Only at that time did I find out that something like this was made by the [Dene] people. It’s from way back. Even as a young girl I’ve never seen anything like this.
Rosa Mantla, Fort Rae, 2006

hen …