Ironclad Art: Vancouver’s Manhole Covers

Article by Matthew Kleywegt

LL INTENTIONALLY FORMED OBJECTS in a city are designed. They exist because they serve a desired function. However, beauty is a function not everything gets to perform. In most cities, manhole covers fall into this category.

This past summer, for the second time since 2004, Vancouver held its Ironclad Art Competition. This competition, open …

Whitehorse Bike Racks: An Artful Solution to a Bike-parking Problem

Article by David Dennis

HITEHORSE TAKES CYCLING seriously, though not too seriously. Visitors to the storied capital of the Yukon are struck by the sight of whimsical bike racks on local themes: a white horse (created by sculptor Philippe LeBlonde) gracing City Hall, a coffee pot and cup in front of Main Street Bistro, and a robust plumbing …

The Bite of Metal and the Smell of Ink: The art, craft and design of traditional printing renewed

The bite of metal and the smell of ink: The art, craft and design of traditional printing renewed

Article by Larry Thompson
pulled my first letterpress proof–a brief quote from Hamlet composed of hand-set lead type–on Margaret Lock’s Vandercook SP-15 flat-bed proofing press during a workshop in 2003. I seem to recall being rather nervous, and for good reason, having just acquired a vintage Vandercook press of my own. It was an unaccustomed leap of faith. …