Technology and Design: Early Gas and Electric Lamps in Canada

Article by Anna Adamek and Louise Trottier

N 1887 A SMALL RIOT erupted in the Township of Hull, on the north bank of the Ottawa River, just opposite to the Chaudière Falls. A Hull hotelier, who shared her light system with a nearby building, repeatedly demonstrated to visitors the wonder of having electric illumination at her fingertips. She …

Stepping on a skyscraper

Scale for the International Ticket Scale Corporation

Article by David A. Hanks

oseph Claude Sinel (1889-1975) was among the earliest in the emerging profession of industrial design in North America, along with more familiar figures such as Raymond Loewy, Donald Deskey and Henry Dreyfuss. Sinel immigrated to San Francisco from Auckland, New Zealand in 1918. He had received training in calligraphy and typography in Britain …

FROM THE MAGNAJECTOR TO PROJECT G: Examples of Canadian Industrial Design

Project G Hi- Fi Stereo Cabinet

Article by David A. Hanks

hrough the kind assistance of the American Friends of Canada, Eric Brill of Bedford Hills, New York, has donated a comprehensive collection of industrial design to the Stewart Program for Modern Design in Montreal. Many of these objects will be on display in the exhibition American Streamlined Design: The World of Tomorrow, coming …