Bauhaus-inspired, Canadian-made: A Remarkable Desk

Article by Rosalind Pepall

HE DESK HAD A TUBULAR STEEL FRAME upon which was posed a rectangular sheet of thick clear glass. On one side were two small glass shelves on tubular steel supports. Simplicity itself. Made in Canada in 1932, it was modelled after the furniture designs of the great Bauhaus architect Marcel Breuer, who had been …

Maple Modern: Next Generation Canadiana

Article by Peter Fleming

 REFRESHING NEW GENERATION of Canadian designer/makers has found equal inspiration in global design movements and locally sourced materials. This exciting collision blurs the boundaries between design and craft, revitalizes both fields, and creates new potential worlds of objects and activities. Access to digital manufacturing tools such as the CNC router, combined with a new …

Review: Québec Folk Art

Review by John Fleming

EAN-FRANÇOIS Blanchette, recently retired as curator from the Canadian Museum of History after a research career in the fields of furniture his­tory (18th and 19th century), decorative arts, and popular culture, draws upon his long career to create a far-reaching synthesis of the many elements brought together within the still shifting concept of art …

Mining Material: The Emerald Ash Borer

Article by Noa Bronstein

N RECENT YEARS, concepts of greening, repurposing and using salvaged materials have not only guided the design of spaces and objects, but have entered the public vernacular in unprecedented ways. Our collective interest in responsible methods of production, fabrication and distribution has led to greater focus on the relationship between consumers, makers and socio-environmental …

domestic devotions

Bar code box, Authentic Atlantic, Food for all (Unico)

Article by Gloria Hickey

icola Hawkins and her husband Andy Perlis are both seasoned travellers logging months in Japan and especially India to document – on successive years – the rural tradition of handicrafts and domestic decoration. But in 1999 a different, unadorned landscape and authentic experience called out to them. Instead of the hot and crowded terrain …

art deco design in Canada

Article by Ornamentum

orth American Art Deco found its sources largely in European models but it took on its own distinctive forms as it evolved in parallel with technological advances in the United States and Canada. While American designers and companies were quick to produce and promote modernism in its many variations, Canada’s much smaller population and less …

Furniture at Fanningbank: A Story of Survival in PEI

Inventory of Government House

Article by Catherine Hennessey, C.M.

t was an ambitious act in 1829 for a colony the size of Prince Edward Island to authorize the appointment of commissioners to negotiate a loan for the purpose of erecting a Government House. Their efforts were successful. By June 1832 a contract was awarded to build the house now called Fanningbank. It …