Ship to Shore: Steamers and Hotelware of Muskoka’s Golden Age

Comport, ca. 1901, Royal Muskoka Hotel

Article by Geoffrey Shifflett


his summer the RMS Segwun turns 125. She still sails the Muskoka Lakes, the last reminder of what was once the largest inland navigation fleet in Canada. Steam navigation on the Muskoka Lakes began with the launching of the Wenonah by Alexander Peter Cockburn in 1866. Considered by many to be the father of …

Full of Beans and History: The Medalta Bean Pot

Bean Pot

Article by Judy Donnelly

istorians have observed that pottery is one of humankind’s oldest manifestations of graphic design. Strong, beautiful, often simple lines and shapes, painted and carved onto pots of all types, have for thousands of years told stories, denoted tribal allegiances and religious beliefs, and communicated ideas, transforming useful vessels into beautiful objects, often with a …

shelf life

Large Crown Jar

Article by Michael J. Prokopow

ondering the changing relationship between art and commerce, Andy Warhol, the onetime window-dresser turned artist, filmmaker, society fixture and rapacious yet discerning collector, offered the insightful opinion that one day in the not too distant future, “all museums will be department stores and all department stores will be museums.” Typical of Warhol’s cynical …

history and art

Best Before

Article by John Fleming and Marian Bradshaw

n a world of commodification, history and art become commercial products subject to the extremes of the marketplace- a lock of Napoleon’s hair, a fragment of Nelson’s uniform up for auction, the funerary detritus of ancient tombs on display for the price of admission as a Sunday afternoon entertainment.…