Bauhaus-inspired, Canadian-made: A Remarkable Desk

Article by Rosalind Pepall

HE DESK HAD A TUBULAR STEEL FRAME upon which was posed a rectangular sheet of thick clear glass. On one side were two small glass shelves on tubular steel supports. Simplicity itself. Made in Canada in 1932, it was modelled after the furniture designs of the great Bauhaus architect Marcel Breuer, who had been …

Lyle and the moderne

John M. T-Square

Article by Glenn McArthur

ohn M. Lyle was one of the pre-eminent architects of the first half of the twentieth century in Canada. He was acknowledged by his peers as a leading architectural spokesperson, one who worked tirelessly to raise the profile of the profession through his teaching, writing, curating and lecturing. Moving to Toronto from New York …

EDMONTON: Preserving a modern heritage

The Massey-Harris Building

Article by Shafraaz Kaba

he Modern Movement in Edmonton began to take shape in earnest after World War Two. The discovery of oil in Leduc in 1947 fuelled an incredible building boom and the era of wealth and sanguinity led to unprecedented building development that created Edmonton’s finest buildings. New technologies, the use of quality materials and construction, …