The Spirit of the Drum

Article by Paula Laing and Fred Roland (Hwiemtun)

HERIDAN COLLEGE‚ÄôS Aboriginal Initiatives Office had the distinct privilege and honour of hosting Hwiemtun (English name, Fred Roland) Knowledge Carrier from the Cowichan First Nation, British Columbia, in February of 2015. Hwiemtun shared his craft of making traditional elk hand drums with Sheridan students, staff, and faculty. …

A Wonderful Syncretion: A Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) Beaded Orange Lodge Crown

Mohawk Headdress

Article by Christina Bates

igures 1 and 2 show a headdress in the shape of a royal crown, decorated with Orange Order symbols executed in Iroquois raised beadwork. A remarkable syncretic object, its form and decoration express both Aboriginal and European ethos. The crown was found in a dilapidated state in the Folk Culture collection at the Canadian …