Article by Lorraine Johnson
The Social and Architectural Restoration of Galt’s Old Post Office

LASSROOM NOTES written on a school chalkboard are intended, by nature and by material, for erasure. Thus, imagine architect John Leroux’s surprise when, during a renovation of an 1884 building in Fredericton, New Brunswick, a chalkboard complete with century-old, perfectly preserved writing was discovered intact

Shelf LIFE

Article by Jules Torti
The Social and Architectural Restoration of Galt’s Old Post Office

OFFEE HOUSES AND LIBRARIES have long been gathering grounds for community movers and shakers. Acting as social hubs, a hotbed for literary giants and innovation, it makes sense that they should merge. The juxtapositions between coffee houses and libraries are blurring, especially in Cambridge, Ontario,


Article by Alexander Reford
A Client and His Commissions

HEN WE THINK ABOUT ARCHITECTURE, we most often think about the building and the architect who designed it. Less often do we consider the client or the person behind the commission.

George Stephen (1829-1921) left an architectural legacy that includes four buildings that are national historic sites and properties designated


Article by John Leroux
Building Fragments on the Bluffs

ETWEEN 1841 AND 1859, Herbert Minton of Stoke-Upon-Trent, England, presented vast amounts of beautiful inlaid ceramic floor and wall tiles to more than one hundred churches throughout England, establishing one of the most glorious and permanent architectural expressions of an individual’s faith and generosity. He was a devout Anglican and


Article by Tatum Taylor
Building Fragments on the Bluffs

T THE EDGE OF THE SCARBOROUGH BLUFFS, where Toronto meets Lake Ontario, remnants of the city’s past rest in peace. The grounds of Guild Park, a former estate and artists’ community, are scattered with fragments of local buildings that were demolished between the 1950s and 1970s. On the lawns, Corinthian

Personal Encounters with Decorative Objects

A 10th-Anniversary Collection

Editorial by John Fleming

THIS ISSUE OF ORNAMENTUM follows the technique of mosaic construction through the material history of the decorative arts in the production of objects. The picture it provides leads in many directions into the imaginative and creative things we make, collect, preserve, discard, and destroy. Each of these objects opens upon multiple perspectives …

Maritimes Weaving Guild

Article by Jane Tisdale

ABELS PROVIDED BY the Canadian Handicrafts Guild were sewn onto woven items made at the Mount Allison Handicraft Guild in Sackville, New Brunswick. An unused roll of these labels was recently discovered during research for an exhibition at the Owens Art Gallery about the history of the Applied Arts program at Mount Allison University. …