THE DENE IN EDINBURGH: Dè T’a Hoti Ts’eeda / We Live Securely by the Land

Article by Clare-Estelle Daitch and Thomas D. Andrews

I hadn’t seen one like this until I went to Scotland. Only at that time did I find out that something like this was made by the [Dene] people. It’s from way back. Even as a young girl I’ve never seen anything like this.
Rosa Mantla, Fort Rae, 2006

hen …

Textile Artists Embrace a Cultural Icon

Small Block Hook

Article by Gloria Hickey

he hooked rug is a cultural icon in Newfoundland and Labrador. Traditionally made from recycled rags and burlap from food sacks they introduced colour and warmth to outport kitchens and parlors. Over generations, hooked rugs have come to represent the outport woman’s ingenuity and perseverance amid harsh economic circumstances and a climate to match. …

FROM THE MAGNAJECTOR TO PROJECT G: Examples of Canadian Industrial Design

Project G Hi- Fi Stereo Cabinet

Article by David A. Hanks

hrough the kind assistance of the American Friends of Canada, Eric Brill of Bedford Hills, New York, has donated a comprehensive collection of industrial design to the Stewart Program for Modern Design in Montreal. Many of these objects will be on display in the exhibition American Streamlined Design: The World of Tomorrow, coming …

Exploding Rings: The Work of Greg Sims

Wire Frame Diamond Ring

Article by Jean Johnson, C.M.

“The diamond ring has become one of the most powerful, sought after and recognized symbols in contemporary culture. It has come to define individuals and relationships, measuring and indicating the extent of one’s love, commitment, status, power and/or wealth. By presenting this familiar object in a new light, my work explores and questions the