Personal Encounters with Decorative Objects

A 10th-Anniversary Collection

Editorial by John Fleming

THIS ISSUE OF ORNAMENTUM follows the technique of mosaic construction through the material history of the decorative arts in the production of objects. The picture it provides leads in many directions into the imaginative and creative things we make, collect, preserve, discard, and destroy. Each of these objects opens upon multiple perspectives …

The Tale of the Three-Bladed Propeller

Article by Paul Balcaen

HERE IS AN INSIGNIFICANT-LOOKING grey wooden propeller on a hangar wall at the Royal Aviation Museum of Western Canada in Winnipeg.

It came off a garbage load in 1937 and was stored in a barn until its donation to the museum circa 1977. This unusual propeller of uncertain origin has three 56-inch- [142-cm-] long …

Documentary Calligraphy at Kings Landing

Article by Darrell Butler

CCORDING TO MR. WILLIAM GANONG, the collection donor, this is one of two pieces of calligraphy by George Bragg (1783-1859) in the Mary and Walter Ganong Collection at Kings Landing, New Brunswick. It centres on ‘The Eye of the Lord’ in the upper left-hand corner looking down upon the Ten Commandments in the centre, …

Georgia Baths: A Steamy History

Article by David R. Johnston

TEAM BATHS WERE ONCE A COMMON PART OF LIFE in Edmonton, popular with European immigrant groups and working men. Edmonton Turkish Baths Limited opened for business in October, 1913. Like today’s health and beauty spas, bath facilities were considered very luxurious. Edmonton Turkish Baths boasted 13 large sleeping rooms, two large hot rooms …