birds of a different feather

Fraktur of paired birds

Article by Susan MacFarlane Burke

t is generally acknowledged that folk art’s visual appeal lies with the seemingly contradictory elements of naivety and sophistication that folk brings to form and decoration. For museologists and cultural historians the fascination goes much deeper, however, into the wellspring of collective memory through cultural repetition and historical circumstance. Folk art transmits its …

a night at the auction

A Tsimshian polychromed wood face mask & A rare Northwest Coast club Tlingit or Tsimshian

Article by David Silcox

rt auctions are the nexus of money and desire. Passionate collectors of varying means, and those who wish they had greater means, are auction junkies. Even if you have limited funds, auctions provide a public spectacle where you can test your eye against collectors, curators, and dealers on a whole spectrum of art and …