Craft, Space and Interior Design, 1855-2005


Article by Chloë Catán

Craft, Space and Interior Design, 1855-2005
Eds. Sandra Alfoldy and Janice Helland
Aldershot, Hampshire: Ashgate, 2008
ISBN: 978-0-7546-5706-4 US $99.95

he collected essays in Craft, Space and Interior Design, 1855-2005 make a pioneering contribution to the field of “crafted space,” a term used to define the symbiotic relationship between architectural space and the objects …

Deux Terroirs – Don Beaubier’s Autobiography in Silver & Gems

Don Beaubier

Article by Gloria Hickey

magine you are flying into the Auvergne region of Central France. Out of your plane window you can see the ancient volcanoes and farm fields outside of the town of Pionsat. It is an ancient landscape that today retains simultaneously its original organic shapes and the traces of human land use since medieval times. …

Gilles Beaugrand, De Ferronnier à Orfèvre


Article by Paul Bourassa

illes Beaugrand (Montréal, 1906 – Laval, 2005) est diplômé de l’École des beaux-arts de Montréal, en 1928. Boursier de la Province, il étudie la ferronnerie d’art durant trois ans en France. Il passe la première année à l’atelier d’Edgar Brandt (1880-1960) qui comportait plus de 300 employés, dont une cinquantaine d’élèves apprentis, la deuxième …

A Canadian Cigar Box Sampler

Cigar Box

Article by Sheldon Posen

n 1893, six men from Zorra Township in south-western Ontario, veterans of the region’s famed Highland Games, beat all comers at the Chicago World’s Fair and went home with the cup. In proud commemoration, the local Woodstock Cigar Manufacturing Company created a new brand, The Tug. They packed the cigars in boxes with a …