Furniture at Fanningbank: A Story of Survival in PEI

Inventory of Government House

Article by Catherine Hennessey, C.M.

t was an ambitious act in 1829 for a colony the size of Prince Edward Island to authorize the appointment of commissioners to negotiate a loan for the purpose of erecting a Government House. Their efforts were successful. By June 1832 a contract was awarded to build the house now called Fanningbank. It …

Ross Morrow’s Interactive Works In Silver

Ponticelli di Luce

Article by Ornamentvm

n the following pages, Ornamentvm converses with Canadian silversmith Ross Morrow, whose work combines meticulous traditional techniques of metalsmithing with innovative and whimsical design. Classically trained in Ireland, he has won several awards, including “Best Hollowware” (2002) and “Best Design” (2000) from the Metal Arts Guild. Ross teaches silversmithing at George Brown College.…

New Artists At The Alberta College Of Art + Design

Bowl, Maggie Finlayson


or the second in our series of articles on the national schools of art and design across Canada, the editors of Ornamentvm asked a number of students from ACAD to speak about their work: why they were interested in particular materials, how they found and formulated their ideas, questions of concept and design, techniques of fabrication and finally, …

Has Postmodernism Changed Collecting?

No caption

Article by Colleen Watson O’Reilly

his past October at the 25th annual symposium of the CSDA Objects of Desire: Pursuits of the Collecting Eye, veterans and non-collectors alike came together to explore what collecting means, why we do it, and how. Five members of the Canadian decorative arts community shared their differing backgrounds, expressed opinions and exchanged compliments …