Joe Fafard, text by Terence Heath

Review by John Fleming

Joe Fafard
Terrence Heath. Vancouver/Toronto/Berkeley:
Douglas & McIntyre and Ottawa, National Gallery of Canada, 2007.
ISBN: 978-155365-221-2 CN $55.00

ublished in conjunction with the exhibition Joe Fafard organized by the Mackenzie Art Gallery in Regina in collaboration with the National Gallery of Canada, this text by Terrence Heath is both biography and catalogue. Heath’s …

TSIMSHIAN TREASURES: Repatriation and Questions of Ownership

Raven mask

Article by Donna McAlear

he Dundas Collection of Northwest Coast American Indian Art was purported by Sotheby’s to be the last significant field collection of northwest coast art held by a single private collector before 57 objects from it were dispersed by them in October 2006 for slightly more than $7 million (U.S.).1 Since then, the Dundas …

Le Beau Dans La Vie Des Habitants De La Nouvelle-France

Parement d'autel dit de l'éducation de la Vierge par sainte Anne

Article by Jean-Pierre Hardy

‘essentiel des écrits sur l’art en Nouvelle-France laisse à penser que le beau est l’apanage des plus fortunés seulement. De fait, la plupart des objets qui ont traversé les âges et que l’on a qualifiés d’art ancien par la suite, appartenaient à des membres de l’élite. Sans doute est-ce pour cette raison que l’on …

EDMONTON: Preserving a modern heritage

The Massey-Harris Building

Article by Shafraaz Kaba

he Modern Movement in Edmonton began to take shape in earnest after World War Two. The discovery of oil in Leduc in 1947 fuelled an incredible building boom and the era of wealth and sanguinity led to unprecedented building development that created Edmonton’s finest buildings. New technologies, the use of quality materials and construction, …

PRIVATE PASSION PUBLIC PURPOSE: The John and Heather Harbinson Collection

John Doan's desk

he Canadian Museum of Civilization recently acquired the John and Heather Harbinson Collection of Canadian historical furniture and related items. This was perhaps the most complete and best documented collection of its kind in private hands. The editors of Ornamentvm thought our readers would be interested in learning about this acquisition from both John Harbinson as collector and David …